The Universe always provides

Back in 2008 I was handed a book by my friend Sarah that completely changed my take on life.
Some books, with the thoughts and perspectives they suggest at the right time, when we are open to them, do that. Some moments do that. Some encounters do that…
What happens is that we suddenly ‘GET’ something, we understand something, we see things differently, and in a way that will never be the same again.
An inside transformation happens, and this clarity comes up – a clarity in our appreciation of what is going on and who we are in the whole.

Back then, it was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
See, the Universe wants magic for us, the Universe conspires around and with us, and the universe provides what we ask for… and much more.
We attract the cosmic energies with our own. 

While the concept of ‘our energies’ can be scary, intangible, maybe hippie – we can bring it closer by imagining that our energies are channeled through a power and tool that IS tangible: our thoughts – we control our thoughts.
Oh yes we do, and learning that I control my thoughts was a HUGE revelation for me. Realising that my THOUGHTS DEFINE MY FEELINGS even more so.
And then, understanding that my feelings attract what comes my way still has  me in awe, every day – because, YES, magic is everywhere.

Here is how it goes:
ASK for what you want – make a clear request, visualise it, see it, feel it, make it real and true in your mind
BELIEVE – believe in its reality and that you already have it, leave no room for doubt. Trust in the process.
RECEIVE – and yes, be open, be available, be welcoming so that you do see it when it appears. And receive in gratitude.
Start receiving every tiny snippet that makes up your request, and practice gratitude.

And then: dance and bathe in the magic that unfolds.
Here is an example of such magic, just one of a million mindblowing examples I have.
Ask, and it is given. Always.


Originally published January 30, 2012


So I spent two fantastic days with the most generous host who welcomed me into her life and that of her community in a little village on Negros, giving me access to experiences that very much added to the colourful kaleidoscope that makes up my trip – BUT who is Neneng?

it all started with a flight to Los Angeles.

Yes, I flew to the Philippines with a stop-over at my godmother’s in LA.

massively overbooked

Like so often before, I travelled on a concession ticket and, like so often before, I sat waiting at the gate after the boarding agent had told me that my flight was massively overbooked and had more stand-by passengers like me but with higher priority. And so, like so so many times before, I sat there at the gate, just watching people board and board and board… it can be a quite tummy-upsetting feeling, sitting at a gate for a flight you want to take and knowing that there is a possibility of not getting on.

There was no other direct flight that day, so even though I was basically told it was useless to wait, I just sat and waited with the others, who sat and waited. Some were eventually chosen. The number of people waiting began to thin out. I wanted, more than anything, to stop waiting and to be on that flight. Yes, I visualised being on it.

Finally, it was just me and another lady left.

And then it happened. The boarding supervisor asked if we would be OK to travel on the jumpseat and we both said YES! (There are a few extra crew seats on aircraft that aren’t sold to passengers but can, on crew and airline’s discretion, be offered to staff.)
We were allowed to board!

thank you, universe

The flight was good, the crew was as caring as could be and I was actually quite comfortable. On one of my walks through the cabin, I stopped to chat to the other lady. First we spoke German to each other and later on English. She was going to visite her mother in California. We chatted for a long time.

And at one point she mentioned she was from The Philippines. I picked up on it, and told her I was headed there. She said ‘Where to?’

I said ‘Negros’.

I’d spoken to many different people about my trip to The Philippines and to Negros, but this woman reacted differently than everyone else. For most, the name didn’t register, some would say, ‘don’t know it, never heard of it’. But this woman was different.

She exclaimed with pride, ‘That’s where I’m from!’.

eyes lit up

She told me all about it, her eyes lit up as she talked and talked and talked about her house, the birthday parties for her mother in May when the whole family goes for a month, the Hacienda, the Padre, her sister… and ‘you should go visit her, stay at the cottage, it’s lovely’. She gave me telephone numbers and the name of her sister, Neneng.

I was not sure about imposing on her hospitality, but I knew I would call her, even just to honour her sister’s spontaneous and generous offer.

And good thing I did!

See, the truth is I was a bit worried about going to the Philippines, and this encounter calmed me a bit and helped me feel braver. I would say it was serendipity. Because, what are the odds? She’s from Negros, lives in Europe, is visiting her mother in LA, and I’m from Luxembourg, going to the Philippines via LA… AND THAT WE ACTUALLY TALKED TO EACH OTHER to find out I was going to where she was from – somewhere over the Atlantic!?

It was intended for us to meet with everything that had happened – us flying to Los Angeles, the flight being full, the offer and acceptance of the jumpseat, the chat, the questions asked – all those things happened for a reason.
Yes, she was sent to me to let me know I was going to be fine, and to give me a sense of safety, a sense we get when we know we are connected, not alone… in the big wide world. Because, in fact, through encounters like these, we never are alone.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines serendipity as:

ser·en·dip·i·ty \ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē\. : luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for

It’s a great reminder that the Universe always provides.

And it is a great example of what can happen when we talk to people, when we are open to what they offer, when we are ready to receive…

“Be grateful for the snippets, and on the greater scale of things, every moment will have the power to make a difference.”

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