welcome aboard

welcome aboard!

Fly high!

So, in January 2012, I went on a journey.

Some context: I had changed jobs a year before, I’d gone from an office job I loved for 10 years to being a flight attendant – which I still fall in love with afresh every day.

The job ‘bit’ is a whole other journey. What is relevant to this story is that I got a few months off in winter. Truth be told, my travel bug and I had been feeling withdrawal for years (two weeks max at a time is holiday, but not travel), so I decided to embrace the sheer amount of TIME I was now given.


We’re always all cheeky about ‘if I had the time and possibility, I would go here and there, and… totally slackline from one hot air balloon to another!’

– well, this was showdown for me, NOW WHAT?

I made a list (multiple lists, fluttering post-its everywhere tbh) of things I’d always wanted to do, and started checking things off it, such as taking a photography course, and spending more time in the UK. And then there was deep sea diving, volunteering and tapping into my creativity.

I googled loads, and eventually I came across Nomadic Hands. A one-woman social enterprise set up and run by Simone Francis, a traveller with a sharp sense of justice and love, who ‘lends a hand’ wherever she settles. And she was in Negros, the Philippines, at the time and accepted me as her ‘multi-media intern’. I immediately saw myself as somewhat of an upcoming National Geographic reporter.

The internship was nothing of what I expected, and everything I yearned for without knowing it at the time. You know how we say ‘the universe always provides…’?; it did, on steroids.

In hindsight

In hindight, my month there was a starting point for a journey I am still on.

Since then, I have changed my diet, been on an awareness bootcamp leadership programme, and trained to be a certified coach. I have been diving into the spiritual realms of yoga, energy work and magic, and I met some of my closest friends and allies. I hardly think I am a different person, though, I still mostly don’t know what I want or who I am, and I scare myself all the time, but I do know myself better which helps me make choices, and I am learning every day. I guess there will always be ghosts, setbacks, and tweaks to be made, and there will always be dreams, but I am a pretty lucky girl right here, right now.

So back then, I wrote a blog, and the blog turned into my creating memories page.

And this is where I share my thoughts and wonderings, on travel, on life. To me, it’s the tiny encounters with generosity, creativity and kindness that spice my life and make it GOOD.

To quote one of my favourite poems, The Power of Littles, by Unknown:

Great events, we often find,
On little things depend,
And very small beginnings
Have oft a mighty end…
Our life is made entirely of moments multiplied

Welcome aboard my trips.

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Laura Schummer