Day 2 – moody and weak

Food revolution

My raw food diet begins

My transformation into an organic vegan all pretty much began by going raw in 2012; I was in the Philippines, working with Nomadic Hands, and I decided to join my host on her raw food diet for a month – I called it an ‘experiment’, I did it for no other reason than fun and convenience, and I kept a diary of what went on. I had no idea it would be a lifechanger, both in how I eat and how I think. But it was. This is from my diary.

Originally written January 16, 2012 – ‘You’ll be moody and feel weak at first, because you will be detoxing’, said Ramke as he got wind of me and the raw food diet, with a wise but smirkey look in his eyes,

but it is the best thing you can do to your body and soul, you will heal and feel much better, healthier and inspired once you’re on it’.

I’ll say. Day 2 I was handed another heavenly smoothie of banana, papaya and fresh coconut. It was breakfast.

By 10 am I was craving carbs, big time. Carbs and coffee. Oh my darling beloved morning brew.

We went to the mall for supplies for a project Nomadic Hands is working on, and when we nipped into the supermarket I bought myself a cheeky packet of oatmeal cookies, which I ate immediately like some junkie, and a plastic bag of processed croissants that looked jucier and more attractive to me than ever.

raw ‘spaghetti’ – shredded pumpkin

We had the dubious ‘spaghetti’ for dinner. And what do you know, pumpkin shreds are surprisingly close to al dente spaghetti in consistency, and taste. And the sauce of tomatoes and cucumbers and onion and garlic Simone had made in the blender was like a gaspacho on top. Good!

But that evening I felt rotten. All over rotten. My hair was sticky from the heat. My body was smelly from the sweating. My skin had outburst into all sorts of spots. And I was tired and weary. No, not good.

I blamed jet lag and acclimatization to this very new and unknown environment I was now finding myself in, diet and all.

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