Day 3 – maybe I won’t do this raw food diet after all

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My transformation into an organic vegan all pretty much began by going raw in 2012; I was in the Philippines, working with Nomadic Hands, and I decided to join my host on her raw food diet for a month – I called it an ‘experiment’, I did it for no other reason than fun and convenience, and I kept a diary of what went on. I had no idea it would be a lifechanger, both in how I eat and how I think. But it was. This is from my diary.

Originally published January 16, 2012 – Day 3 of my raw food diet was good. Good all over. I got up and showered first. Washed off the heat and grease. Then I brewed myself a cup of Starbucks instant coffee; in some wise moment I bought a pack of three when I was in LA, ‘for emergencies’ I’d thought. Good thinking! Then I sat down and ate two of my squishy croissants that had been toasted up by Victor, the house help.

THIS is how I start my day. I was back to owning my routine, and complimented myself on it. I can do raw, but if I want to add carbs, I will.

Then Ramke told us that his mother had invited us for lunch. Simone said she was taking her food with her, I said if I’m invited to a local’s home cooking, I’ll taste it! Imagine coming home from a month in the Philippines and not having tasted any of their, apparently, heavenly food!? Nah, not me. And what can I say, the fishcakes, the chicken, the lemongrass and ginger soup – yummy.

The evening meal was even better! Ramke’s sister, Chyd, whose house we are staying at in Talisay, invited us all out to a meal at a local restaurant to celebrate an award she had gotten at work! She ordered dishes of chicken, deep fried shrimp and squid that came with vinegar dips and more ginger broth. Absolute bliss!

Yeah, maybe I won’t do this raw food diet thing after all.

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