Day 7 – 3 days of raw, then a little warm nibble and life IS good

Today I know it was a massive kick-off for my awareness on what I feed my body with and how I treat my environment in the process.
My transformation into an organic vegan all pretty much began by going raw in 2012; I was in the Philippines, working with Nomadic Hands, and I decided to join my host on her raw food diet for a month – I called it an ‘experiment’, I did it for no other reason than for fun and convenience, and I took some notes. It was a rollercoaster ride, both mentally and physically, and for a while it seemed like I had no character for such ‘radical’, even ‘hippie’, behaviour..

Originally published January 16, 2012 – YAY, Day 7! We rolled back down the mountain very early this morning, and I ate two bananas in the sunshine on the top of the jeepney.

I was now totally owning it, and in just a few hours I’d have wifi and be connected to you all again – I felt good. Life is good.

changing perspectives - ride on the top of a bus

life is good – ride on the top of a bus

On the programme today was one of many rehearsals with Ramke’s local earth band who are playing at an environment fundraising concert in 3 weeks time, Simone is part of it.

I dropped out of the diet for lunch. We went to the frigging MALL! A MALL, people. Just back from the end of civilization and then I get taken to a food court! I pigged out. All the band had lunch at the vegetarian place, and so did I. Rice. A peanut butter aubergine stew. And, ohhh, some kind of noodles with some kind of veggies on top. Luuush. Simone had a smoothie and some fruit. She’s been on it straight for three weeks now. I’ve decided that cold turkey might not get me anywhere.

New rhythm: When Simone and I have home-prepared meals, I eat raw. We had a gaspacho tonight. When out, I may just choose cooked.

Works for me.

I read a bit more in the book… people, it ain’t looking good for our fave foods. I may quote some more for you later on.

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