Day 16 and drunk on chocolate

Today I know it was a massive kick-off for my awareness on what I feed my body with, and how I treat my environment in the process.
My transformation into an organic vegan all pretty much began by going raw in 2012; I was in the Philippines, working with Nomadic Hands, and I decided to join my host on her raw food diet for a month – I called it an ‘experiment’, I did it for no other reason than for fun and convenience, and I took some notes. It was a rollercoaster ride, both mentally and physically, and for a while it seemed like I had no character for such ‘radical’, even ‘hippie’, behaviour…

Originally published January 30, 2012 – Who would have known the effect that cooked and poisonous food has on a system that has been abstinent for a while? On Day 16 of the raw food ‘experiment’, I was drunk on chocolate brownies.

Simone and I had a girly day out on the town last Thursday – she needed a decent t-shirt for when she goes back to Sydney, so we shopped after a meeting with her partner organization.

We went to the mall and on the way out… We bought a box of brownies. Yes four, chocolate-coated chocolate brownies!
And what do you know, we got drunk on them! We giggled all the way back home, said ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank-you for choosing our jeepney’ as people got off, and laughed a lot…

What a rush;-) Drunk on chocolate.