Day 9, raw food, and how it’s going down…

Originally published January 18, 2012 – So I think my big adjustment phase is now over. I used my experience with the raw food to mirror my arriving in the Philippines. The ups, the downs. It wasn’t all about the food… though we know it is always linked to food.

my own rhythm

On my diet I have now found my own rhythm. I have a smoothie at breakfast when one is handed to me, and it often is 😉 Today I even got two different ones. And I also toast a processed breadroll which I enjoy with a mug of nescafĂ©. All other meals are mostly raw when I eat with Simone, which is always. If we are out, I may add something else just because I feel like it. I had a coffee and a cookie the other day, succulent.

But I am also finding this more raw than not diet to feel, in effect, quite good. My body feels good. I feel like I am exercising. And I expect that as soon as I am no longer with someone who is on the diet, I won’t be able to keep it up. There is no way I will mix up a big salad if I can also have pasta. Also, the market here is full of fruit and veggies, I know I won’t find much choice back home at this time of year. But spring and summer are upcoming, I wonder if I will naturally tend towards eating more raw… Ă  voir.

to market, to market, to buy a fat mango

2012 Philippines market booth

So this is how it goes when Simone and I go to the market it Talisay. It is big –  but not really. Many tiny stores are jagged in one next to the other, all offerering more or less the same goods.
Simone asks prices, checks quality and chooses. I let her do it, because a-I don’t know half the ingredients she buys, and b-I take forever choosing the ‘good’ tomatoes. Generally we get tomatoes, little green or red ones, cucumbers, spring onions, cabbage, some root I don’t know exactly what it is, some herbs I don’t know either, pumpkin, calamansi (a tiny lime-kind of citrus we put on everything)… and fruit. Bananas, the little fat ones, papaya, fresh coconut for her (which they smash open and grind on the spot), orange watermelon (she introduced it to me today, a new favourite), mango (so ripe the fruit slips off the stone) and whatever else inspires.

Presenting: the Raw Roll

Simone also generally prepares the food, she enjoys it and is good at it, though today I helped when we made ‘sushi’.

Amazing what all can be done without cooking (we had to blanche the aubergine before wrapping it around our stuffing).


I’ll be back on this page when and if I reach another groundbreaking or worth-sharing step, and for now: keep eating 😉