Why are you doing this hike again?

So I signed up for a big hike. The FJÄLLRÄVEN CLASSIC, 110km through swedish lapland. here’s my story. Some of it, at least.

‘Why are you doing this again?’ – I was asked This question a number of times during my training hikes at home in Luxembourg, by my brave and time-generous friends who offered to join me on one or the other of my walks, usually on the long uphill climbs and usually out-of-breath.

It was also one of the default questions fellow hikers asked on the actual hike in sweden, though they asked with less despair or bemusement, more like ‘So, what made you sign up for this?’

Over the months, my answer boiled down to this:

‘Ohhh it is part of the mischief one gets oneself into at Christmas markets.’

So, at the Christmas Market in Luxembourg Grund one December evening, my friend told me about this friend of ours Luc who had told her about the Fjällräven Classic, a 110km hike through Swedish Lapland, and that this had always been her dream.

Now, I am very excitable by nature, and an adventure in the wild has always been on my big bucket list somewhere and under some form, so why not like this?
As the law of attraction so works, our friend Luc just happened to walk by us a few minutes later (Luxembourg IS small, but I hadn’t seen him in years), and the enthusiastic storytelling and the ‘yes yes yes me too…!’ cries continued!

Man of action, in January we get a message from Luc asking us for our mail addresses as he’d booked us and needed someplace to send the bill to.

This all happened as it needed to; literally, had he asked again before booking, I am pretty sure we would have backed out. This was, after all, a pretty big commitment for first time distance hikers… for one: it is related to a consequential budget (you need a light AND efficient pack, and that kind of good gear is expensive), and for two: it requires a hell of a lot of training.

But hey, why not, it is January, we have 8 months to go, and, in my case:

I was turning 40 this year – a perfect way to mark the coming of new age! Onwards!

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try.

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try.

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